Good things are supposed to happen to good people
Or so we’re told
Or so I believed
Bad things happen to bad people
But that’s not true
Shit just happens.
Sometimes it feels like the universe is against me
Sometimes it feels like I’m all alone
But that’s not a logical thought
That’s an emotion
Logically speaking
The universe can’t be against one single individual
Just like a person cannot be alone in a world where over 7 billion people exist
But shit happens
So I feel alone
And I feel sad
Today was supposed to be a good day
I got great news
Life changing news
And on 4/20 to make it that much better
Except I don’t feel happy
Instead I feel tired, sad, neglected, rejected, angry, confused, hurt, lost
But I’ve learned to deal with all these emotions by now
My life consists of bad things and occasionally some good things
Maybe I’m seeing the glass half empty right now
Maybe I’m finally seeing the truth
Whatever the correct answer is
Shit happens
& life goes on
And bad things will continue to happen to good people
And good things will continue to happen to bad people
This way the universe is in balance
This way life makes sense
Or so we’re told
Or so I believe
We all need something to believe in