I’m a really good liar.
I’m not sure if it’s something to be proud of but I’m a really good liar.
It doesn’t make me a bad person
Just a liar
& if I’m gonna be anything it better be good
So I lie
We all lie
Here & there
But we all lie
I’m the queen of deception
I used to say “I don’t lie, I just don’t tell the whole truth”
Which was true
Which is true
Except it’s not
I lie
I lie almost everyday
Because I don’t tell the whole truth and that’s a lie
My biggest pet peeve is a liar
Lord knows I hate liars
Because I am one
And part of me hates it
The other part loves it
I love fooling people
It’s my life
I could show what I want
And hide what id like
Isn’t that how it works?
I don’t know, no one ever showed me
I know you’re not supposed to lie
The truth shall set you free
Except it won’t
The truth hurts
And I’ve learned people can’t handle a lot
They think they can but they can’t
They’re weak minded
So I lie
To make them feel better
To make me feel better
As if I was really helping them
I know I’m not
I just lie to myself
I told you I lie everyday
I don’t lie about big things or important things
Just small things to make people feel better about their individual lives
Something like:
Oh no, you’re not fat. You’re just big boned
Oh no, you look good. I promise
I didn’t get your call, I’m sorry
I never received a text
You’re perfect the way you are
I wouldn’t change a thing
I could have swore I let you know ahead of time
I’ll be ready in 10
I didn’t hook up last night
I only have eyes for you
I would never hurt you
I love you.
You know, normal stuff
Okay maybe a lot of that I don’t say
But my point is across
We all lie
It’s normal
It’s familiar
I’ve been lied to a lot
Specifically by people who said they’d never hurt me
People who vowed they loved me
People who should have loved me
But that’s life
We all lie
I lie
You lie
We all lie
It hurts those around us more than we think
But we still do it
I still do it
Maybe I’m selfish
Maybe I care too much
Maybe I just don’t give a damn
Or maybe I’m just a really good liar
I’m not a bad person
I’m just great at deception